With less than 2 hours left in 2017 it’s a serious question I found myself thinking about as I left church today. So I asked a really wise friend of mine, “What’s the best “wisdom” you got from in 2017″? Then the question was left for me to answer. My response, “I have everything I need and I had it all along”

It’s been a year and 2 months since I left corporate America to work for myself. I have had to learn to trust God in ways I have never before. While many are saying “bye Felicia” to 2017, I find myself crying tears of joy saying “thank you God for showing yourself to me in a new way”.

Entrepreneurship sounds like the buzz word of the year. It’s sounds glamorous and easier than working for a company. But if I can be honest, it’s the most scary yet beautiful experience ever. So here is what I learned in 2017.

Number one: There is never a right time to start. Like Nike says “Just Do It”

I gave myself a million reasons why it would not be a good time. But the company I had been working for was in the midst of layoffs. My severance package was the opportunity and window for me to take off running. So to go into my boss’s office and ask for a layoff was the scariest most courageous thing I had ever done. I had been working my business ventures on the side and I kept saying, if I just had more time, I could do this or that. What learned? I had the time. I was just poorly managing such a precious gift. Time. Let me tell you, starting a business will never be easy, the time will never be perfectly clear or right. Yes you need to have a plan. So what’s stopping you from writing that out? Brainstorming doesn’t look pretty, because it’s a mental purge. But there is so much gold in that process. There are so many things you can do while you are working full time now. I learned that before my transition. The art of mastering my time! We all get 24 hours a day. No one is getting extra time at this thing called life so your dreams and goals are too precious for you to keep procrastinating. Someone in this world and possibly millions of people need you to tap into your purpose. So on behalf of them…. please start.

Number two: I learned what starting looks like is different for each persons journey.

As stupid as that sounds, it’s actually harder than many people think. I hear clients tell me how tired they are when they get home from work and many more reasons why they cannot start. My question for them next is “Are you too tired to dedicate 30 mins of your lunch break to your dreams”? Then they get quiet and laugh. There are many moments of the day you are on social media, having empty conversations, looking at tv, at happy hour, sleeping in on the weekends and at work on slow Friday. Those are all moments that you can dedicate to reading (personal development), listen to a podcast (mainly mine😉), start your blog, start writing the “about us section of your site”, research what legal steps your need to take for your business…. get my point? If you are going to be on social media, do it with purpose. Go look at what other businesses similar to yours are doing, focus on your branding which hashtags are trending in your Bunche market, and much more. Your “start” may not look like anyone else’s and that ok. Your destiny doesn’t look like anyone else’s either!

Number 3: You have everything you need in spite of what you keep telling yourself

The reason it’s so easy to find reasons not to start is because anytime we approach coming out of our comfort zone, our brain naturally tries to protect by lying out the risks. It’s a good thing to acknowledge your risks and realize that there is a lot to do to get where you want to be. But, the problem with that is we have a tendency not to move past that phase. We get “stuck” on what needs to be done. Then we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with the thought of it and how much time it would take. My suggestion. Change your language. Yes, change your language with yourself. Your are chasing greatness. You can do x, y and z you just need to develop a better schedule. Make a list of what needs to be done and tackle one thing at a time. The hardest thing is starting the momentum with the first move. I love seeing my clients go from telling me how they don’t have the time, to creating their first product, website or service. Make it a habit to journal and track your progress. Everything you need is inside of you. What you need? It’s your gift, your past experiences, your growth, your fire that burns for your dreams and your inspiration. All of this contributes to your vision. Protect it. Because this is by the most valuable thing you have. Time is the most valuable currency we have. It’s God given. We cannot get a do over. Use your time wisely. Develop a small routine and start to build from there

Welcome to 2018! This year you will find yourself taking a vision, calling or a hunch to new levels. My hope is that you join my community and watch that thought 💭 in your head become a thing that leaves a legacy. God bless and happy new year my friend.