Work With Me


Discovery Calls are 45 Minute Opportunities for you to ask me ALL of those questions that you have about your career, pick my brain or discuss any obstacles you’re facing.  Please note: Discovery Calls are not coaching sessions.


The Monthly Mentorship is an active community of current senior leaders, executives and professionals aspiring to move up the ladder who come together to share resources, market updates, map out negotiation planning, tools for leadership planning, training on adding value to your organization, advice on organizational politics and get daily feedback on their careers from me.


Private coaching is the most up close, exclusive and accelerated program that you can get with me. I work with you hand and hand to create the for you approach as a leader to your team and walk you through  how to make the highest impact at your company. Or I can develop your resume into a performance portfolio, map out your Linkedin, Prep you for a leadership interview and negotiations with your current employer and new opportunities to ensure you get everything on top of your base salary. 


This option is BEST for former clients who want regular, monthly access to my calendar to simply check in monthly to ask questions, get direction on project execution, direction on  big presentations, get feedback on team development, issues that may arise in your journey, on-going projects etc. This is a maintenance for what we’ve already built. I’m in your back pocket if you need to run something by me, providing you fres, sustainable and up to date ideas. If we haven’t worked together, this won’t be a fit for you. 


An Intense, Comprehensive + High Impact Group Business Training Covering Business Strategy, Marketing, Speaking, Proposals, Book Writing + Sales Strategy. Masterminds are held 2 Times Per Year.